Confused NFL prospect Christian Hackenberg only asked questions about Gods of Egypt at combine


Gods of Egypt fan #1.

Indianapolis, Indiana – Penn State quarterback and NFL prospect hopeful Christian Hackenberg expressed extraordinary confusion at the conclusion of the combine interview, as the 21-year-old athlete said he was only asked questions about the major motion picture “Gods of Egypt,” which opened nationwide today.

The Penn State product could only shake his head as he readied himself for the rest of the weekend, hoping the movie would not come up  again.

Adding to his confusion, the modestly reviewed movie has absolutely nothing to do with the game of football and takes place thousands of years before the sport was even invented.

“Every single question was about that movie Gods of Egypt. Are they sponsoring the combine or something? They’re not? I refuse to believe every single scout asked me questions about that movie without planning it out first. God I’m so confused,” Hackenberg told reporters.

“What the fuck? I had no plans on even seeing that stupid movie. I guess I should see it tonight in case anyone wants to talk to me again. I really don’t want too, it looks terrible.”

Hackenberg recalled several questions asked of him during the interviews:

  • A scout from the Cleveland Browns asked him if he had “any opinion whatsoever on the potential controversy of non-Egyptian actors playing Egyptian characters.”
  • A scout from the Philadelphia Eagles asked him if he “rather see Gods of Egypt on opening day or at a midnight screening the night before?”
  • A scout from the New York Giants asked him if he thought “Gods of Egypt is the best movie about Egyptian gods that was going to be released in 2016?”
  • A representative from the San Diego Chargers asked Hackenberg to rate the movie on a scale of “must see” to “can’t miss.”

“How am I supposed to answer when someone asks me if I see myself more as a ‘Set’ or a ‘Horus?’ What does that even mean? It has nothing to do with football at all. I don’t even know who those people are. Are they in the movie?” Hackenberg asked, in reference to the movie’s two lead characters played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Gerard Butler.

At press time, Laremy Tunsil, an offensive tackle from Ole Miss, said scouts only asked him questions relating to “Eddie the Eagle.”

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