Could Steve Spurrier be the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles?

steve-spurrierPhiladelphia, PA – The Old Ball coach, having just announced his retirement from college football, may just be on his way to professional football.

Numerous sources have contacted the Coggin Toboggan that have said Jeff Lurie reportedly desires Spurrier to be the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Several pro football analysts went on record and said Spurrier would be a “perfect head coach” for the Philadelphia Eagles, who have grown stale and predictable under head coach Chip Kelly.

Kelly still has several years left on his contract, but sources are saying Lurie would “do anything” to get spurrier onto the team.

“They need someone at the helm of the organization to bring in a little life. Spurrier could revolutionize the National Football League with his tactics and patented spread offense. He could be the shot in the arm Philadelphia, and the entire league, would need,” said the mouth breathing ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth.

While Spurrier reiterated he was retired, he didn’t specifically say he was retired from “professional football.”

“Let’s be honest, nobody has any faith in Chip Kelly anymore, he’s worn out his welcome.” Schlereth continued. “Spurrier’s brand of offensive game would revolutionize the game of football. Nobody has seen anything like it in this league. I think it would be a great fit for this city.”

At press time, Spurrier was reportedly sipping a glass of sweet tea on his front porch, staring at a weeping pillow, as he thought over the proposal.

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