Interim manager Pete Mackanin strengths/weaknesses

Philadelphia Phillies'  Pete Mackanin during photo day, Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2010 in Clearwater, Fla.  (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Third-base coach Pete Mackanin has found himself thrust into the limelight this week, as he was named interim manager for the Philadelphia Phillies and will likely finish out the rest of the year after Ryne Sandberg stepped down last week.

Casual fans might not know too much about the former third-base coach, so The Coggin Toboggan has gathered several strengths and weaknesses of the newest manager of the Philadelphia Phillies.


– Will be able to let teammates know exactly where they can find third base is in just about every stadium.

– His experience as a former bench coach will give him intimate knowledge of the literal BEST seat in the house for the Phillies dugout. Will be able to now pass down his wisdom to young athletes.

– His horn-rimmed glasses game is strong, second to only Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon.

– His slick backed, grey hair will likely drive the ladies of Philadelphia wild, a definite upgrade over Sandberg.

– Has promised to teach Cole Hamels how to pitch overhand on one of his days off.


– Has actually never seen an entire game. Left in the seventh inning of every single game he’s ever coached to “beat the traffic.”

– Coached the Montreal Expos from 1997 to 2000.

– Has yet to reveal to organization he has had two glass eyes since 2009.

– Has the full backing and support of Ruben Amaro Jr.

– Was once described as a “belly itcher” by an opposing athlete, has yet to get over it.


  1. I’m just curious, since Mackanin took the difficult Phillies interim manager job, any other fun comments you would like to add to your Strengths and Weaknesses list ? 🙂


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