NFL veteran combine gives a second chance to former athletes

NFL-scouting-combine-01-15-15The NFL held its first ever veterans combine over the weekend, which saw over 400 past athletes participate in drills and exercises in front of team scouts, hoping for just one last shot at glory. While only one athlete has been signed to a contract so far, the CT had representatives at the combine who sent back several notes on players who showed up for the weekend.

Here is who stood out.

Michael Sam – The second year player, drafted by the St. Louis Rams last season, never found a home last year on two NFL rosters. While he did not impress at the veteran’s combine, CT reporters said he showed exemplary reflexes in dodging questions thrown at him from every angle about his sexuality.

Felix Jones – 27-year-old former running back for the Dallas Cowboys described the entire process as a humiliating process where team representatives had to view a gaggle of former athletes with diminished skills still searching for a home on an NFL roster. Said it was one of the most embarrassing moments of his life, even worse than the time Jerry Jones walked in on him taking a shit and wouldn’t stop staring for the entire time.

Michael Bush – Reporters questioned the 30-year-old running backs desire to be at the combine, as he ran the 40-yard-dash in a pair of flip flops.

Brady Quinn – The former quarterback from Notre Dame underwhelmed in arm strength tests, as he could only throw a football 25 yards. His request to switch to a Nerf Turbo football was denied.

Aaron Berry – Former Detroit Lions and New York Jets defensive back, Berry wowed scouts with his poise, speed and agility during drills. After briefly speaking with him after the combine, it was quickly determined that Berry had paid Richard Seymour $50,000 to show up for the day and perform under his name.

Carlton Mitchell – Former wide receiver from the Cleveland Browns, Mitchell did not participate in any drills or events during the day. Reportedly spent the entire afternoon at the complimentary buffet for participants and was seen leaving the arena with trashbags filled to the brim with bagels.

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