RIP Leonard Nimoy (from a broadcaster who doesn’t know who he is, but is forced to ad lib because the teleprompter is down)


He was obviously playing some kind of an alien, right?

Well, tragic news today as the world mourns Leonard Nimoy, who passed away earlier this morning at the age of 83.

The, ummm….the actor? Yes, the actor I suppose, lived a long life and enjoyed popularity that spanned through several years? No, sorry, decades? Ok, decades, yes, that must be right, those media stills look fairly old.

Best known for his role as some kind of alien thing on what looks like a television show, but also I see here he was described as a movie star also, so he probably played that character a few times in his life. His pointy ears were obviously prosthetic, I believe anyways…he couldn’t have had ears like that in real life, right?

Wow, look at all of these celebrities celebrating his life. Well of course, why wouldn’t they, he had a long and very diverse career, well known for many, many, many memorable roles.

Anyway, it looked like he was in some kind of sci-fi series, maybe an offshoot of Star Wars? He is making some kind of a “W” sign with his hand, so that makes sense, right? “W” for Star Wars, so he was definitely in Star Wars. I wonder if he was going to make a cameo in the upcoming sequel? Maybe? If he was I hope they were able to at least film it before he passed away.

So fan of Star Wars mourn today as Mr. Nimoy has passed away. He was 83.

May the force be with him, forever.

::End Scene::

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