Philadelphia dogs rejected from the Puppy Bowl

Animal Planet showcases the cutest puppies across America in the annual Puppy Bowl, a two-hour extravaganza repeated all day throughout Super Bowl Sunday. Puppies are brought in from animal shelters across the country to audition for the event and hopefully be picked to appear on television. All of the puppies are typically adopted at the end of the event.

The CT has received a top-secret list of dogs who were rejected from appearing in this year’s Puppy Bowl. We scoured the entire list and found several dogs from the Philadelphia area who didn’t make the cut.


Rum Tum Tugger, seen frolicking in a meadow.

Rum Tum Tugger (Center City, Bichon Frise) – Passed the auditions with flying colors, but tore all four ACLs when romping with another puppy during the finals. Went to live the rest of his days out on a farm far, far away in the country, with plenty of space for running and jumping and frolicking. No, no, I’m sorry, we can’t go visit him Timmy, he is far too happy in his new life to ever be seen again.


Rolf, who heard the name Lipstein in the distance.

Rolf (King of Prussia, German Shepherd) – Was immediately disqualified when he would not stop barking at the Jewish dog in attendance.


the Dog, Adam.

Adam the Dog (Northern Liberties, Yellow lab) – Was set to appear in the Puppy Bowl, but disqualified after his urine sample was determined to be tainted with PCP.

black-poodle-ch jaset's satisfaction

Pretentious Fifi, probably thinking about some new craft dog food or band “you’ve never heard of.”

Fifi (Germantown, Poodle) – Ultimately determined to be too much of a hipster for the puppy bowl.


Marbles being terrible, because he’s a cat.

Marbles (North Philadelphia, Russia Blue) – Disqualified for being a stupid cat.

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