BREAKING NEWS: Eagles to make a run at “QB Eagles” in 2015 draft


The Philadelphia Eagles have significant interest in drafting QB Eagles (pictured above) from the Tecmo Super Bowl league.

Philadelphia PA – Reports from an unnamed source are saying Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles are planning on making a historic run at the heavily vaunted “QB Eagles,” who declared his eligibility for the draft after a 24th consecutive dominant season in the Tecmo Super Bowl league.

Currently picking 20th, NFL draft guru Mel Kiper said it would take a significant haul for the Eagles to leapfrog up to number 1 or number 2 in order to select the talented quarterback.

“I don’t see the Eagles having enough bullets in the chamber to move up. I think they’d need to offer a package of at least their next two first round picks and maybe even Fletcher Cox to rise in the draft,” he said.

Kelly made it no secret earlier in the season when he praised QB Eagles for his unique ability to zig-zag through hapless defenders and his odd, but effective, habit of running all the way back to his one-yard line before launching a perfect spiral 100 yards into the waiting hands of a wide receiver.


QB Eagles demonstrating one of his trademark touchdown celebrations.

Perhaps the only knock on QB Eagles is his perceived immaturity and penchant for showboating, as after almost every touchdown he performs an exaggerated fist pump in the face of the opposing defenders or leaps into the waiting arms of an offensive lineman, finger pointing triumphantly in the air.

“Really, the only prayer the Eagles would have of QB Eagles dropping to them at their current position is if Bo Jackson from the Los Angeles Raiders declared himself eligible for the draft,” Kiper added.

The CT will update its readers on more news as it develops. Also, the CT acquired an organizational scouting report on QB Eagles, which can be read below. fictional-athlete-hall-of-fame-20080411015210335.gif

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