Somebody please save the South Street octopus

It’s salty, dead eyes gazed down upon South Street travelers for three years, beckoning seafood lovers into Ralic’s on South like a siren drawing weary sailors to be dashed upon their rocks with their haunting melodies.

Or it’s just a kickass 7-foot by 7-foot styrofoam octopus that David Ralic, owner of the eight-limbed mollusk, wants to sell to the highest bidder.

The famed South Street octopus sat atop the roof of Ralic’s on South from December of 2012 until October of 2015 until Ralic closed the doors of the seafood and steakhouse to focus more on his family.

Sadly, the regulars of Ralics like Bernard Hopkins, Chip Kelly, and Brian Brahman aren’t interested in purchasing the famed cephalopod. (side note: Ralic said Brahman was one of the best customers he ever had. Great tipper. Hell of a guy. Who knew?)

tmg-venue_carousel_mobileIt has lain in wait, its tentacles squirming in anticipation, in a storage compound, waiting for a worthy owner to unleash it upon the world once again.

For $5,000, or best offer, it can be yours.

Built by Bielings Artwork in Florence, N.J., the statue weighs nearly 100 pounds, fits perfectly in the back of a pickup truck, and stands at an impressive 7-feet by 7-feet with its tentacles removed. The foam outer shell encompasses a wire-mesh skeleton and is sealed to prevent as much weather damage as possible.

Ralic posted the octopus on the Haddonfield Virtual Yard sale facebook page, where my keen eyed wife immediately brought it to my attention.

It definitely needs a special kind of owner, Ralic told the Coggin. You could easily see it as a centerpiece at a marina, another restaurant, or a mini-golf course.

“I’d donate it to the right place that would let kids enjoy it for free. Nothing like smiles to make the world a better place,” Ralic said.

Do you want it? Know someone would would want it? Send Ralic an email at for a truly memorable item that will fill your head with nautical nightmares for the rest of your life.

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