What does young Brett Brown look like?

I’m a busy man this week at work, but sometimes you have to take a step back and focus on what’s truly important.

One of the great follows on Twitter, @gippergrove, blessed the 76ers community…no….the WORLD with a treasure trove of pictures of a very young Brett Brown with a glorious mane of curly hair and some of the biggest glasses I’ve ever seen outside of a three-ring circus.

(Credit: @GipperGrove)

My God. Gaze upon him and give thanks, but be fearful, for Coach Brown giveth and he certainly taketh away.

Here is an all-encompassing and VERY IMPORTANT list of what young Brett Brown looks like:

  • Supermarket Sweep contestant from the 1993 season.
  • Lilith Fair bead vendor.
  • Assistant to the Assistant Manager at a Worcester, Mass. Circuit City.
  • Runner-up host for Nick Arcade.
  • Phonics tutor.
  • Khaki shorts enthusiast.
  • A real cock-slinger.
  • Official bikini inspector of Wildwood circa 1991.
  • A Murphy Brown extra.
  • “You’re just going to have to calm down, miss, but you can’t return that NEO/GEO system, it has clearly been used. I could potentially give you a store credit?”
  • Afternoon-shift manager of a Cherry Hill Fuddruckers.
  • Struggling roller rink owner.
  • The owner of the “rich kids” camp in a late 80s comedy.
  • The owner of a used Dodge Neon car lot.
  • The lonely owner of at least 10 cats.

Did I miss anything?

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