Local Eagles Analyst proclaims “If they don’t score here, it’s over”

guy-couch-remotePhiladelphia, PA – Terry Allings, watching yesterday’s Eagles game from his couch on 6th and Fairmont in Northern Liberties, skillfully proclaimed the Eagles were “going to be in big trouble” after watching the team struggle against the New Orleans Saints.

Using his years of experience playing Madden Football and watching Red Zone, Allings nervously looked at his friend and proclaimed “if they don’t score here, it’s over.”

Allings audibly sighed after a 2nd and 5 hand-off only went for three yards.

“This just got interesting…they always make it interesting, why can’t any of these games just be easy?” He asked.

After picking up the first down but beginning the next set of downs with a false start, Allings reportedly upped the stakes for the Eagles.

“I don’t know, if they don’t score here, the season may be over. Come on!”

After making the stunning pronouncement, the Eagles reportedly kicked a successful field goal to go up 3-0 with 12:34 seconds remaining in the first quarter.

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