The Coggin Toboggan Hall of Fame: A Tradition like no other

At the Coggin, we like to focus mainly on Philadelphia sports and national stories that catch our attention, but every now and again an athlete or a sports figure comes along that demands our respect.

This is why the Coggin has decided to form the Coggin Toboggan Hall of Fame, where we honor those that need to be honored, nay, those that MUST be honored.

So, we are proud to make the announcement of our first inductee into the Coggin Toboggan Hall of Fame. With this honor, this individual will receive all rites and privileges that come along with it, including but not limited too 25% off of all Coggin Toboggan merchandise* and three retweets from our official Twitter account of his or her choice.

Ladies and gentleman, the first member of the Coggin Toboggan Hall of Fame….

Tatanka, the Native American professional wrestler that graced the WWF ring throughout the early and mid 90s! What a presence, what strength, what a dedication to the art of fake fighting. Yes, Tatanka truly deserves our respect.

What a presence!

What a presence!

Born Christopher Chavis, Tatanka debuted in the WWF ring in 1992, defeating Pat Tanaka in his debut match. He would go on to amass an impressive undefeated streak of TWO years, before suffering his first loss at the hands of Ludvig Borga.

Of course, one has to show a dedication to other things in life than sports. Tatanka caught our attention earlier this week as we tried to engage him on Twitter. Being a gracious gentleman, he put up with our nonsense and seemed to enjoy reliving an EPIC feud he engaged in with the dastardly Irwin R. Schyster, who stole his ceremonial headdress because Tatanka’s ancestors failed to pay back taxes on the piece.

Tatanka 1

Unbelievable. Of course, he responded again to our questioning…

Tatanka 2

Oh the Tomahawk Chop. One of the most devastating finishers in WWF/WWE history, do not confuse it with the nonsense that takes place in the Braves stadium.

Upon being told he would be the first member of the Hall of Fame, he promptly retweeted the tweet, and I’m only guessing here, but he most likely performed a traditional war dance to the Lumbee Tribal War Cry around his computer in triumph.

When asked for comment, resident Coggin Toboggan professional wrestling analyst @MAmoriello33 had this to say:

Tatanka 3

We could not have said it better ourselves.

Tatanka, we salute you!

*Discount offer on merchandise not valid in the lower 48 states.

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