Winter Storm Jonas

Winter Storm Jonas survival tips from The Coggin Toboggan

beautiful-blizzard-kristin-elmquistEveryone is in a tizzy today with the weekend threat of more than a foot of snow predicted for the Philadelphia area. Turn on the TV and you’re inundated with “common sense” tips to help you get through the storm.

Make sure you buy bread and milk? Amateur hour. WE GOT IT. Make sure you have a shovel on hand and plenty of salt? Wow, who would have ever thought to have those rare necessities on hand for a snow storm? I was going to try to lick the snow off my sidewalk. Don’t drive in the storm? Oh really? I had no idea, I thought I was supposed to get in my car and drive off a cliff  and get eaten by a pack of wolves.

Pish posh. We’re actually looking FORWARD to the storm this weekend because we know how to handle these emergency situations. Need some tips for survival? The Coggin Toboggan is here to help you.

Come with me if you want to live.