When ball is life: Joel Embiid diligently working on his game in the Bahamas

The elite work on their game whenever and wherever they can….even when they’re on vacation in the Bahamas and the only people available to strap up against are six old, goofy white guys.

BEHOLD. Joel Embiid is out here trusting the process and absolutely dominating the courts against international competition.

The bad boy club indeed. He’s basically playing against the Canadian international roster, minus Steve Nash of course.

Let’s take a minute to analyze Embiid’s game during this intense offseason workout:

Immediately you see Embiid making a huge impact on defense, as he rotates aggressively over to protect the rim as the bald guy in the salmon colored t-shirt skies two-inches off the ground for what should be an easy layup. Instead, he rushes his shot due to Embiid’s presence, bricks an easy shot, and Embiid gobbles up a hotly contested rebound and pulls the ball into the back court.

Instead of rushing or forcing a shot against aggressive shirtless guy who denies Embiid’s entry pass with a halfhearted hand in the air, he smartly decides to run the offense. He gives up the ball to his veteran point guard after recognizing the fatigued defense of the tall guy who decided to emphasize his bad boy stature over comfort, questionably deciding to wear all-black workout clothes in 110 degree weather. He’s paying for his decision as he struggles to get back on defense, hands on his hips, his conditioning obviously in great need of improvement.


The tape doesn’t lie, son. That’s a DISGRACE. If you were in better shape you wouldn’t be embarrassed to go shirtless like the other apex specimens on the hard court.

Not seeing an opening for attack, Embiid gives up the ball to the oldest guy on the court, who promptly demands his team run the offensive sets they worked on prior to the game. It’s always good to see an old-head out on the court, risking a near-certain heart attack playing in 100% humidity.

He hesitates for a moment, willfully urging someone on his team to make a backdoor cut a la Princeton University in 1963, but succumbs to peer pressure from Embiid to “post him up” and take off to the lane.

Using Embiid as decoy, old-head takes two of the highest dribbles I’ve ever seen in my life, drives hard to the hole before the clip cuts out, and then I can only assume unleashes a violent, rim-shattering dunk over the lagging defender (or tears both of his hamstrings attempting a step back jump shot).


It’s heartening to see Embiid take his game to the next level and put in the work during the offseason. Look for him to utilize some of what he learned out on the courts this week in the upcoming season.

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