Don’t be like Anthony Gargano, Flyers fans. You’re better than that

(photo credit: @Eagles_Phantom on twitter)

If you’ve ever needed more evidence as to why Philadelphia sports talk radio is likely the worst medium ever to grace civilized society,  this “opinion” vomited forth from walking stereotype Anthony “Cuz” Gargano certainly cemented it as so.

(I’d like to thank the Fanatic twitter team for posting these moments from each show so I can stay abreast of everything going on with sports talk radio without having to waste a moment of my precious time actually listening to any of the shows)

What is this? What a whiny, cry-babyish opinion to have on a historic, and incredibly fun, run by an expansion team. Only in Philadelphia sports journalism would someone declare it “nonsense” that a team win a championship because they’re not as “real” as Philadelphia.

Haven’t we gotten past this point as a collective fanbase? We won the Super Bowl, we should be better than this.

Forget for just a moment that if this were a PHILADELPHIA expansion team making this historic run, Cuz Gargano would be busting out of his husky JNCO jeans and ordering XL jerseys to commemorate the season.

Anthony, I’m no psychologist, but you’re projecting your anger and frustration on the wrong target. Instead of lashing out against the fans of the Vegas Knights, or a franchise that ably put together a semi-talented team in its first year, or rag-tag players who came together and actually performed as a team to overcome 500/1 odds, you should be angry at the Philadelphia franchise so many “real fans” have wasted so much time rooting for since 1975.

Yeah, we are starving for success, but because the franchise firmly cemented itself in the age of disco as every other team in the NHL realized it had to play a different game, we’re left with a floundering roster that’s been playing catch-up to the rest of the NHL elite for the past three decades.

It makes Gargano, and the Philadelphia fans he claims to represent, seem like out-and-out whiners. It makes you seem weak and pathetic. It makes you seem like a baby when you scream “NOT FAIR!” when a fanbase you deem as “not real enough” is a round away from a championship.

Don’t be like Gargano, Philadelphia. Hell, it’s not like the Rangers are about to win the Stanley Cup. It’s the Vegas Knights. Who gives a shit.

Maybe, just maybe, the Flyers will be so embarrassed that an expansion team DARED to win the Stanley Cup that they’ll do more to actually try to improve their roster and put a better product on the ice for the “real fans” that Anthony Gargano claims to represent?

This isn’t bad for hockey. It’s historic, it’s fun, and if you don’t like it just close your eyes and wait for it to be over.

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  1. I would love to see Seth Joyner give Ray Dickhead a back hand when he disrespecting the crew looking at his notes on TV. COMEONMAN!!! Respect the people you work with.


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