To prove man is greater than nature, I shall shovel out my home in nothing but shorts

Oh ho…what is this? So many of you huddled in your homes, scared of a little snow? Mother Nature is a bully, and the only way to deal with a bully is to confront them. Thus, I, the CEO of The Coggin Toboggan, shall shovel the snow from my home’s steps, the walkway and driveway in nothing but compression shorts to prove once and for all that man is greater than mother nature.

You may think is folly, but I think of it as the most utmost of importance. Are we slaves to our bodies, or shall we prove that the mind shall overcome anything?! Yes it is chilly, yes it is windy, but the elements are no match for the human spirit.

What else do you need, but a hearty disposition, a pair of compression shorts, and a sturdy shovel by your side to defeat any blizzard?

Besides, giving the cabin-fever-ridden house fraus of Haddon Heights some much needed eye candy during this blizzard can only help! Free show, ladies, and who knows, maybe  my manly, steamy essence will clear some of the snow from your frigid walkways, if you catch my meaning.

Tally ho! I will report to you, my dear reader, when the task is completed and a warm snifter of brandy is my reward!

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