“This is just like when Bledsoe was injured and Brady had to step up,” idiot explains to friends

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Mere moments after the Eagles defeated the Los Angeles Rams 45 to 35, local idiot Mark Johanssen attempted to make an ill-informed connection between Carson Wentz’s knee injury and the 2001 injury to Drew Bledsoe, which opened the door to future hall of famer Tom Brady.

“I mean, yeah, it sucks, but do you remember when Drew Bledsoe got hurt, back in like 1999, or whatever? If he never hurt his knee then Tom Brady would never have gotten the opportunity to play,” the dullard said to his stunned group of friends who were too bewildered by his moronic point to debate him and explain that Bledsoe did not hurt his knee, as he claimed, or point out the fact that Nick Foles is not an unknown talent with a potentially high ceiling of play, as Brady had been.

The group of eight friends that had gathered to watch the Eagles game Sunday afternoon reportedly looked on at the idiot, the gears of his brain futilely trying to make connections between two completely unrelated incidents that had no similarities whatsoever.

“Everyone thought the Patriots were done that year, and look what happened. Bledsoe hurt his leg, Brady came in, they won the Super Bowl, and he became one the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game,” he stammered to his friend, who did not have the energy to dispute the many inaccuracies of his statement.

At press time, he attempted to start an EAGLES chant before being asked to leave.

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