Scott O’Neil employs bold new ‘alienate the fan base’ strategy to strengthen franchise fan base

ap-sixers-scott-oneilPhiladelphia, PA – With the firing of GM Sam Hinkie and a desire to take the franchise to the next level, Chief Executive Officer Scott O’Neil has devised a bold new strategy to gain more fans of the beleaguered franchise.

For the past several days, O’Neil has gone out of his way to goad, embarrass, poke, and block the subset of fans on social media that have stood by the 76ers for the last three years that has seen a total of 47 wins.

Any part of the “Trust the Process” subset of fans has been mocked and/or blocked on Twitter by the president of the 76ers in a truly well-thought out scheme to increase favor among less invested fans.

“It’s the right move. These fans that have actually attended our games for the past three seasons, in which we’ve been the worst franchise in the NBA by far, don’t deserve my respect. When will they learn to not voice their opinions or frustrations that I buckled under pressure from the NBA and have gone back to the same old ways that saw this team do nothing in the past 15 years,” O’Neil said.

O’Neil even publicly supported an article by Glen Macnow that said “Trust the Process” fans were almost as irritating as fans who denied the Penn State University child sex scandal involving Jerry Sandusky.

“Now, those fans who stopped watching us and didn’t buy our tickets the past three seasons, who hated what we were doing….that’s what we need to reinvigorate this franchise! Forget the hardcore fans, I want the fans who will jump off the ship during tough times. It’s the smart move,” O’Neil continued.

At press time, O’Neil said he would likely trade the first overall pick (if awarded to the 76ers) to really boost ticket sales for next year.

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