The Rob Perez 76ers apology letter isn’t 500 words, but it’s still nice

Rob Perez (@world_wide_wob on twitter), co-host of Buckets, writer at Fox Sports, and Knicks fan, got himself into a bit of a quagmire earlier this season when he proclaimed the 76ers had no chance to win 43 games.

Unfortunately for Robby, but fortunately for the city of Philadelphia, nothing is ever forgotten on the internet and Rob had to pay the piper after the horn sounded on the 76ers 43rd win of the year last night, a 123-104 demolition of the Denver Nuggets.

To his credit, Rob kept his word and quickly surrendered to the throngs of Philadelphia fans that tasted blood in the water.

Did we fill out a form? Of course we did. Were we surprised that we already got an apology letter in the mail this morning?! Seems improbable that it would get here so soon, but for the premise of this bit IT CERTAINLY DID!

It’s not 500 words like he promised, but it’s still nicely written and it captures his true essence quite nicely.

Give it a look if you haven’t got yours in the mail yet:


If you can’t read it, this is what it says:

Dear 76ers,

I’m a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells and….I like to kiss my own butt.


Rob Perez (@world_wide_wob)

That’s big of him. Thank you Rob. Never go against the family again, you broke my heart.

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