What does $5,000 get you with Pete Rose? The exclusive privilege of paying for his dinner

This may be the greatest scam Pete Rose has ever pulled (and that’s including gambling on baseball).

As good old Darren Rovell reported on twitter several minutes ago, Pete Rose is hungry and he just wants somebody to buy him a god damned quesadilla:

So, I’m reading this correctly, four “lucky” guests will have the “exclusive” opportunity to fly out to Vegas on their own dime and pay $5,000 for the “privilege” of having dinner with Pete “Moe Howard haircut” Rose, four signed baseballs, four photos on a camera or “your phone,” and “stories to last a lifetime.”

Hopefully this is all just a clever ruse for WWE’s Kane to get his mitts on Rose and deliver one last tombstone piledriver on the disgraced baseball star.

Guests also apparently have the exclusive privilege of paying for said dinner and DON’T EVEN GET TO PICK THE RESTAURANT THEY GET TO EAT AT. That decision is made whatever scheduling company cooked up this fraud of an event to swindle four fine people out of $5,000.

Can you imagine flying out to Vegas to meet Rose, and you end up having to eat dinner at some shitty chain Rose wants to get diarrhea from for the evening?

Scheduling company: “Pete, you have this dinner tonight, where should we schedule it?”

Rose: “Feels like an Arby’s night, to me.”

No mention on if the meeting will continue in the men’s room of whatever slop house Rose eventually decides to strap his feedbag on.



One comment

  1. In 2000, back when WWF had the hardcore title constantly rotating, the original plan at WrestleMania was for Pete Rose to win the title and then have Kane destroy him for it.


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