UPDATE: Is the Embiid jogging video an ad? 100% yes…BUT MAYBE NOT?

UPDATE: Well well well, what do we have here? Another video emerging this afternoon of Joel Embiid playing tennis? Weird….so he was running in the first one, and now he’s playing tennis? Boy…I wonder if there is some kind of company out there that may make something for athletes to wear when they’re playing different sports….something to cover their feet so they don’t get blisters? Maybe a cross training type of footwear for athletes?

DON’T EVER DOUBT ME. Read our original post below.


You poor gullible saps. You’re all getting played, and you’re all getting played HARD.

You’ve likely seen the video taken by a Lyft driver last night of Joel Embiid jogging along Pine Street near Rittenhouse, but if you haven’t here it is:

The video has already made the rounds on Twitter, YouTube and Reddit. Wow, Joel Embiid jogging on the streets of Philadelphia…he’s just like us!

Open your eyes, people. Free your mind and the truth about JoJo will follow.

It’s an ad for Lyft! Come on… how obvious can it be? If the Ed Wood-esque acting (A man of his size and stature would tend to jog like that at night by himself! Cut, print, perfect, let’s move on!) doesn’t tip you off, then surely the idea of Embiid jogging by himself at night in a pair of 76ers shorts should…it’s staged. It’s an advertisement.

I’M ON TO YOU LYFT. The video is just a little too perfect for my liking. The driver just happens to have his dash cam on? He got a Lyft request at that exact same moment that sent him on the same direction as Embiid,? UH HUH, SURE.

Oh, and what’s this? Lyft has started to unveil a new ad campaign featuring A-List celebrities like Tilda Swinton, Jordan Peele, and Jeff Bridges?

And what is their new slogan? “It matters how you get there.” Remind you a little bit of THE PROCESS, doesn’t it? It certainly matters how the 76ers got to their bright future, does it not? THE AD WRITES ITSELF.

However, I will admit that my theory does have a few kinks…namely that I talked to the Lyft driver (Evanbg994 on reddit and @evanbowengaddy on Twitter) and he assured me it was NOT an advertisement for Lyft.

Just what a Lyft employee would say, if you ask me.

You can see our riveting conversation after the jump.

to evanbg994 sent 51 minutes ago: Just out of curiosity, do you live in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh?

from evanbg994 sent 49 minutes ago: Philadelphia. Just moved back here after 4 years in Pittsburgh.

to evanbg994 sent 46 minutes ago: Interesting. Was he wearing a full uniform on his jog?!

from evanbg994 sent 44 minutes ago: Ha, I think it was a practice uniform, so he might’ve been coming from a training facility or something.

to evanbg994 sent 43 minutes ago: That’s so weird….is this an ad for Lyft?

from evanbg994 sent 26 minutes ago: lol no. I just thought it was funny detail.

to evanbg994 sent 18 minutes ago: Damn, that’s still crazy. I wonder why he was wearing a uniform? The training facility isn’t even in Philly, it’s in Camden. I’m befuddled.

to evanbg994 sent 13 minutes ago: Hey, also I write a Philadelphia sports blog. Do you mind if I post our conversation about this?

from evanbg994 sent 9 minutes ago: Yeah, you can go ahead.

to evanbg994 sent 7 minutes ago: Cool. Good luck with the Lyfting and welcome back to Philly.

from evanbg994 sent 8 minutes ago: Thanks! TTP.

Can’t believe he didn’t fold under my HARSH questioning.

He was a delightful young man and I enjoyed our conversation. He’s the perfect Lyft employee…dedicated, polite, and he can keep a secret. He deserves a raise, Lyft, for keeping the truth about this viral advertising video from a dedicated investigative journalist like myself.

When the truth comes out I fully expect Mr. Pulitzer to come-a-knocking at my door and reward me for my commitment to journalism.


::10 scantily clad women of ill-repute burst into my living room and we dance the night away::

Seems feasible to me.

Evan, I love you buddy, but when it comes out before the NBA season begins that this is an elaborate viral video ad for Lyft, you owe me a free ride and/or a personalized meet and greet with your good friend JoJo.

You owe me that much.

(Go follow Evan on Twitter: @evanbowengaddy. He’s a good boy)

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