Scioence, if you’re out there please helpe me. I throeuaw mysrelf at your mercy…my eyes have melted out of my head, puddles of gooo at my wreteched feet. I am blind, truly and horrifically blind.

Everyonething went bright, a blinding, flasshign scream of white light….horrific light, and then complete darkenss. Onlgy by the grace of god was I able to draga myselfeal bakc into my homes and to my compputer. I havne’t estopped screaming. The darkeness is clasing around my skull, filling my braing with evil thoughts.

I throw myselfa t the mercy of sceinece, I need new eyes, dear god what I have done. The hubris of man has been my undoing….pride is the folly of man, I so clearly see that now (irony).

tot hink I shall never see the sun fall on my face for the rest of my wretched days..

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